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Introducing the Euphorbia mellifera , a captivating shrub that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression in any garden. With its grand stature, this majestic Euphorbia thrives best in a sheltered and sunny location. Its sturdy stems are adorned with layers of luminous green leaves, featuring a striking white rib down the center. While this plant serves as an exceptional foliage variety, its true charm unfolds in early spring when delicate bronze-tinted flowers infused with a delightful honey scent bloom.


This versatile plant handles various conditions with ease, thriving in both ideal and less-than-ideal settings. Whether placed in containers, raised beds, or borders, the Euphorbia mellifera adapts effortlessly. Accredited with the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM), it exemplifies resilience and hardiness.


Reaching a height of 120 cm and spreading up to 100 cm, this upright shrub boasts vibrant orange flowers that captivate the eye. Complementing the blossoms, its evergreen foliage showcases a lush shade of green. Expect an abundant floral display from March to June, enhancing the vibrancy of your outdoor space. When it comes to planting recommendations, this stunning shrub is suitable for beds, borders, and raised beds.


Thriving even in cold climates, the Euphorbia mellifera can withstand winter conditions, ensuring its beauty remains intact year-round in well-protected and free-draining garden environments. Maintenance is hassle-free, with the simple task of cutting back faded flower stems during autumn. However, exercise caution when handling this variety as its milky sap is toxic and may cause skin irritation.

Euphorbia mellifera

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