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Introducing the Farfugium giganteum Plant, a versatile and enchanting addition to any garden. This perennial beauty, also known as Farfugium japonicum 'Giganteum' or Ligularia tussilaginea, boasts large, lush, evergreen leaves that originate from Japan. 


With its distinct deep green color and rounded kidney-shaped leaves, often reaching a diameter of 30cm or more, the Farfugium giganteum forms tight, neat clumps. Adding to its allure, clusters of daisy-like orange-yellow flowers grace this plant in late summer.


A perfect choice for those seeking an exotic touch, the Farfugium giganteum thrives in dappled shade, making it an excellent ground cover amongst palms, bamboos, and tree ferns. Its adaptability also makes it ideal for contemporary plantings against rendered walls in urban courtyards and roof gardens.


This easy-to-grow plant flourishes best in fertile, moisture-retentive soil, tolerating various light conditions ranging from full sun to dappled shade. Its natural inclination to grow on the banks of streams and ditches in Japan makes it a suitable choice for a variety of environments.


Low maintenance by nature, the Farfugium giganteum can benefit from occasional top dressings of fertilizer and a yearly mulch of quality compost during autumn or winter. As an evergreen, late spring pruning is recommended to tidy up any winter-damaged leaves. For those residing in colder regions of the U.K, adding a protective layer such as straw mulch on top of the leaves can shield the plant from severe weather conditions, including snow, ensuring its longevity.

Farfugium japonicum 'Gigantea'

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