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The cost-effective way.


How does Pre-Order work?

1. Use the filter under the shop, to filter all pre-order plants and select the plant you're interested in.

2. Above the pre-order button will list the expected delivery month. Each plant may have a different delivery month, if this is the case we will send them out separately or, combine depending on the timeframe (normally combining if other plants are expected by the end of the next month on our site/to you.)

Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 14.41.09.png

Love plants, but on a budget? This is for you. 

All our pre-order items come with our normal price match and 30-day plant guarantee but at a much cheaper price tag than our potted range. 

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 12.56.53.png

3. Once all items are added to the basket checkout as you normally would. Please note you can combine pre-orders and normal items in one transaction at checkout, however, pre-order items will come after the standard plants. 

On dispatch, we will notify you via email of what is on the way. If a supplier has a crop failure and cannot supply, we will contact and refund any plants. Your 30-day cover starts from the date of dispatch not from the order date for pre-order items.

T&Cs of Pre-order discount. 

Code can only be used on Pre-order items, if items are added that are not included in the Pre-order offer we reserve the right to cancel the order under the misuse of the offer. 

  • Can I collect plants?
    Sadly we are no longer offering collection on our products, sorry!
  • Can i ask for additional plant care information?
    Yes! Just send us an email or use the Whatsapp link under the contact us page.
  • What additional care do my plants need on arrival?
    So your plants have arrived from their long journey in the post and it's time to unpack them! Open the box carefully and take the plants out, undo the individual plant wrappings and check the moisture level of the growing media (compost), if they need a drink water them well and then place in bright but not direct sunlight for 1 week, after this they can be moved into direct sunlight or hardened off for planting out.
  • Out of stock, can i Pre-order?"
    Some of our plants you can pre order. Please read under the tab Pre-Order for more info
  • What countries do you ship to?
    Sadly we only ship to England, Wales and Scotland. We are looking at reopening international shipping to the EU as well as shipping globally but shipping and paperwork costs will be expensive and only really viable on large orders. Please inquire for updates. We do not ship to NI currently.
  • How much is Shipping?
    Always £4.99, as much as you want!
  • What days do you ship?
    We usually ship every day of the week, we might delay your order if a bank holiday is coming up or extreme weather is forecast.
  • Do you offer wholesale orders?
    Normally we do not offer wholesale orders just because of the demand for our plants, however we can make a wholesale request price if you contact us.
  • When are you open?
    Sadly we are now online only and not open to the public. Sorry!
  • Question not there?
    Please contact us for more information
  • Can't seem to order? Getting an error stating an item is out of stock?
    We are seeing some issues with ordering via Firefox browser. Ideally, use chrome, and if this error persists, use an incognito window to order. If you are still getting the error please contact us and we can help


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