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Meet the team



Managing Director

"You can never have enough plants"

His Top Plant

Growing up I have always had an interest in nature but especially growing plants. 

After finishing training at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh I set up my company in growing rare, exotic, and unusual plants which has flourished.  

As of 2020, we grow over 700 different species. Now you are probably asking is this enough? Of course not!

In the future, we plan on introducing more plants from a huge array of environments.

Iochroma fuchsioides

iochroma fuchsioides

Her Top Plant

Aristolochia fimbriata




Packaging Manager

"Everyone loves a Puya"

Growing up on my grandparent's market garden, I developed a love of growing plants from a very young age. Now I get to work with lots of great plants from old favourites

to the rare, exotic, and unusual.

Then I get to pack them up and send them off for others

to enjoy the wonders I get to experience every day.


Her Top Plant

Lavender officinalis

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 15.24.02.png


Packer & IT support

When I was younger, gardening was not something I took much interest in. I enjoyed taking photos of flowers and going to flower shows with my family. I didn't really take an interest until my mum started working at Botanico. I then started going along when she went to water the plants I started learning the plant names, types and forms. From this my interest in plants has grown and grown and now I'm part of the team and enjoying packing them for others to enjoy!

Shows 2023

RHS Hyde Hall Summer Flower Show 

2-6th of August 2023

RHS Wisley Late Flower Show 

5-10th of September 2023


Publications & Awards

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