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This particular species is a breeze to cultivate and thrives in both full and partial sun conditions, as long as it receives an ample supply of water. Known for its resilience, the Abutilon megapotamicum 'Julia' traces its origins back to Chile and Brazil, showcasing glossy green leaves that sit atop short stems. What truly sets this plant apart are its unique pendent bell-shaped flowers in vibrant shades of yellow, gently cascading below the foliage.


Reaching a maximum height of 1 meter and spreading up to 0.5 meters, this captivating plant showcases its charming flowers from June to September. To ensure optimal growth, it is important to place it in a sheltered position where it will receive ample sunlight. Despite its delicate appearance, the Abutilon Julia Exotic Plant is tender, it will need to be protected from frost in winter.

Abutilon Julia

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