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Originally native to Eastern Europe and Asia this amazing cultivar was bred in Japan.  Young green foliage emerges from branches in late Spring quickly turning to a deep rich purple or chocolate colour.  In late summer this species will form clusters of bi-colored white and pink flowers which truly give this plant its right in the garden. Growing to a maximum height of 4m and spread of 2m in 5 years this plant is often grown as a tree, however, the growing point can be removed at its preferred height to promote side shoots and create a large canopy shrub.  


'Summer Chocolate' can be grown in either a container or the ground, in a position of full to half sun with well-draining soil, keep moist and feed once every 2-3 weeks in the growing season. A very drought tolerant plant, which loves really warm summers. 


This species is hardy to -10c when grown in the ground,  if grown in a container additional frost protection may be required in particularly harsh winters. 'Summer Chocolate' is deciduous so will loose its leaves over winter, but soon reappear in Spring. 


This variety can be grown indoors, however, very often this plant will grow too large as the eventual height of this plant is around 4m tall by 2m wide, often achieving this within 5 years. 

Albizia 'Summer Chocolate'

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