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Introducing the Alocasia Mayan Mask, a stunning addition to any plant collection. Also known as Elephant Ear, this rare and striking plant is sure to captivate with its remarkable features.

With large puckered green leaves, adorned with white veins and dark maroon to purple undersides, the Alocasia Mayan Mask showcases a beautiful and unique combination of colors. Standing at an impressive maximum height of 2.4 meters and spreading up to 1.5 meters, this plant commands attention wherever it is placed.

Thriving in a variety of lighting conditions, the Alocasia Mayan Mask can adapt to full sun or partial shade, although it does prefer some shade in the afternoon. This remarkable plant also prefers moist, well-drained soil and thrives in high-humidity environments. While the Alocasia Mayan Mask is tender, it can be grown outside during the warmer summer months.

Alocasia Mayan Mask

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