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Introducing our Alstroemeria Inca Sundance supplied as a Plug Plant, a hardy perennial that will add a touch of elegance to your garden. Also known as Peruvian Lily, this plant is characterized by its soft, buttery yellow blooms with a distinct brown marking in the throat. These unique flowers provide a stunning complement to other colors in your garden, making it a perfect addition to your floral arrangements.

The Alstroemeria Inca Sundance forms a compact mound of waxy green foliage, creating a visually appealing display. With its short-stemmed flowers, it maintains an upright habit and reaches a height and spread of 30 cm. This versatile plant thrives in full sun or partial shade, as long as the soil or compost is well-draining.

Whether you choose to place it in pots on the patio, in border fringes, or raised beds, this Alstroemeria will flourish in various situations. Its hardy nature ensures it can withstand normal winter conditions. Enjoy its vibrant yellow and white blooms from June to November, adding a touch of color and vitality to your garden throughout the summer and autumn seasons.

Our Alstroemeria Inca Sundance is suitable for planting in beds, borders, raised beds, or containers. As an unbranded herbaceous perennial, it offers a timeless option for your gardening needs.

Alstroemeria inca 'Sundance'

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