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Introducing the Begonia Luxurians, a truly remarkable and sought-after tropical plant that will add a touch of exotic beauty to your surroundings. With its palm-like leaves displaying striking red-bronze undersides, delicately held on deep red-purple stems reminiscent of canes, this begonia is a sight to behold.


Originating from the lush rain forests of Brazil, the Begonia Luxurians thrives under glass or as a houseplant, and can also be used to great effect in outdoor settings during the warmer months. To ensure its optimal growth, it is best to place your begonia away from direct sunlight and keep the soil consistently moist.

What truly sets the Begonia Luxurians apart is its abundance of outrageously beautiful palmate foliage. From spring to summer, clusters of pale yellow-white flowers emerge, further enhancing the plant's overall allure. While it has the potential to grow up to an impressive height of 2 meters, fear not, as this begonia can easily be pruned and shaped to a desired and more manageable size.

Begonia luxurians

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