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Introducing the Boehmeria Platanifolia, a stunning perennial plant that will add a touch of elegance to any garden. This exquisite specimen is a close relative of the non-stinging nettle, boasting spectacular foliage that is sure to impress.


Belonging to the genus of fine foliage plants, the Boehmeria Platanifolia stands out among the rest, especially in this particular clone with its soft caramel-pink hues on emerging foliage. As the leaves mature, they transform into rounded and beautifully toothed structures, adorned with a gentle layer of soft hair.


In early autumn, delicate white flowers resembling pipe-cleaners make a captivating appearance, adding an extra touch of charm to this already enchanting plant. Growing in a clump of upright stems, it forms an impressive structure that can reach up to 1.5m in height and width, making a bold statement in your garden.


The Boehmeria Platanifolia is highly adaptable and can thrive in various conditions, whether it be in full sun or partial shade. Its hardiness allows it to endure different climates, ensuring year-round beauty for your outdoor space.

Boehmeria platanifolia

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