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Boasting a mesmerizing appeal, the Brunnera jack Frost thrives in areas that provide full to half shade, making it an ideal choice for those shadowy corners of your garden. Its resilience is unparalleled, as it can adapt to various soil conditions as long as it is well-draining. Furthermore, its fully hardy nature ensures its ability to endure tough weather conditions with ease.


This remarkable perennial flourishes in a range of sun exposures, including dappled shade, full shade, and partial shade. It has been bred to withstand different aspects, such as east-facing and north-facing positions, making it a versatile option for any garden layout. Placing it at the front of your border allows its striking foliage to take center stage and enchant all who behold it.


Indulge in the unique character of the Brunnera jack Frost, as it prefers the cool embrace of damp shade. This shade-loving plant uses its stunning silver heart-shaped leaves to create an enchanting atmosphere wherever it is planted. Its foliage is adorned with intricate green veins, giving it an ethereal appearance that will captivate all garden enthusiasts.

Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

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