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Introducing the Brunnera Jack of Diamonds, a majestic giant among plants. This plug plant is ready to thrive in your garden. Thriving in full to half shade and favoring well-draining soil, this fully hardy perennial.

Resembling a larger version of the classic 'Jack Frost', this extraordinary shade perennial sets itself apart with its unique twist. The exceptionally large 9-10" leaves. From a distance, the foliage forms a captivating circular pattern. Each leaf boasts a striking silver overlay and features vivid wide, dark green veining, showcasing nature's intricate beauty.

Come mid to late spring, the Brunnera Jack of Diamonds delivers a charming display of delicate baby blue blossoms, reminiscent of forget-me-not flowers. These lovely blooms are clustered above the foliage, further enhancing the plant's allure.

Brunnera plants have garnered a well-deserved reputation as classic perennials. Celebrated for their exceptional shade tolerance and breathtaking blooms, they also make an excellent choice for groundcover. While variegated forms may spread at a slightly slower pace than the species, their elegant allure is worth the wait.

Brunnera 'Jack of Diamonds'

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