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The Buddleja davidii grand cascade, commonly known as the Butterfly bush, is a stunning plant that will add beauty to any garden. With its fast-growing nature, this plant is sure to make a statement in no time. It thrives in full sun and is fully hardy, making it a reliable choice for all gardeners.

When caring for the Buddleja Grand Cascade, it is recommended to prune it back hard in March. This involves removing all of the previous year's growth, leaving only three or four buds. By doing so, you will encourage healthy and vigorous growth for the upcoming season.

This deciduous shrub sheds its leaves in autumn, making way for fresh new foliage to appear each spring. This cycle ensures that the plant remains vibrant and colorful throughout the year, providing an ever-changing landscape in your garden. Hardy down to -7c

Buddleja davidii grand cascade

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