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One of our personal favourites! A stunning garden plant, Canna 'Cleopatra' produces bi-coloured flowers throughout summer with striking foliage. Throughout the year new leaf shoots develop each different; deep red, deep green, striped or several stems of each! The flowers are also very similar with fully red, yellow, or perhaps red with yellow spots or yellow with red spots. 


If grown in optimum conditions this species can grow up to 2m high and 1m wide. Position in a sunny warm spot of the garden whether in a container or the ground. Canna 'Cleopatra' is particularly drought tolerant and loves the sun, ideally water regularly if you can.  Feed every other week of the growing season to promote new growth and more flowers. 


When planted in the ground this Canna is hardy down to -5c cut down all folige after the first frost has knocked it to the ground and place this foliage as a mulch over the plant.  If growing in a pot ideally protect the pot with fleece and bring in to a cold glasshouse or similar when first frosts are due until spring. During this time do not water until new shoots have started to emerge. After new shoots have emerged place back outside this should be around late April/Early may. 


Canna 'Cleopatra'

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