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Introducing the Canna Cannova Orange Shades, a delightful tender perennial that is guaranteed to add a burst of vibrant color to your gardens and landscapes. With its captivating range of orange hues, ranging from soft peach to deep tangerine, this remarkable plant brings a touch of warmth and beauty wherever it flourishes. Supplied as a plug plant.

Featuring large, tropical-like leaves that create a lush backdrop for its stunning orange blooms, the Canna Cannova Orange Shades is sure to captivate the onlookers. Its compact size and upright growth habit make it a versatile choice for both container gardens and flower beds, offering flexibility in your garden design.

From May to October, you can witness the mesmerizing display of this perennial's exquisite flowers. These blooms not only serve as a focal point but can also be used for cut flower arrangements, adding a touch of elegance to your indoor space.

The Canna Cannova Orange Shades thrives best in sunny locations, enriching your garden with its radiant presence. With a height of 180cm and a width of 90cm, this plant flaunts its majestic beauty while creating a captivating backdrop for other garden elements.

This variety of Canna is classified as half-hardy, meaning it can withstand moderate cold temperatures, making it suitable for various climatic conditions.

Canna indica Cannova Orange Shades

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