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Introducing the Colocasia Jacks Giant, a botanical masterpiece. This exceptional tropical plant possesses the remarkable ability to reach its full size within a single season, provided it receives the necessary care of ample light and regular watering. The emerald-green heart-shaped leaves are nothing short of remarkable, growing up to an astonishing length of 3 feet and displaying a striking width of 2 to 3 feet. The contrasting green petioles only serve to further enhance the beauty of this unique variety that sets it apart from the common specimens found in your ordinary plant stores.


Some key features of the Colocasia Jacks Giant include its impressive foliage, boasting remarkably large heart-shaped green leaves that are a true sight to behold. The plant is also adorned with green hooded spath, adding undeniable charm to its overall appeal. In terms of height, this exceptional variety can reach heights of 8 feet or even more, provided it is planted under ideal conditions. Ideally suited for partial shade to full sun exposure, the Jacks Giant is recommended to never go lower than 5c.

Colocasia Jack's Giant

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