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Variegated Gouchaultii Dogwood Shrub - a stunning addition to any garden or landscape. This deciduous shrub boasts narrow, upright stems that display a vibrant red hue during the winter months. 

The variegated green leaves of this magnificent shrub feature broad yellow edges and a delicate pink flush, creating an eye-catching display throughout the year. In the springtime, you'll be treated to small clusters of yellow-white flowers, followed by charming white berries.

Ideal for both full sun and partial shade, this versatile shrub can adapt to a variety of positions. With an ultimate height ranging from 2.5 meters, this shrub will make a substantial impact in your garden.

Given the right conditions, the Elegant Variegated Gouchaultii Dogwood Shrub will reach its ultimate height within 5 to 10 years, offering long-term beauty and growth. Its ultimate spread ranges from 1 to 1.5 meters, allowing it to fit seamlessly into a range of garden settings.

Cornus alba Gouchaultii

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