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Known for its exceptional beauty, the Datura Metel Belladonna Purple is a stunning specimen plant that thrives in the UK's climate as an annual. Within just one season, it can grow to heights of 4-6 ft, creating a breathtaking display. Its standout feature is the magnificent double purple flowers, delicately vibrant and enchanting. Not only visually appealing, but these flowers also release a powerful lily-like fragrance that will infuse your garden with an alluring and pleasant aroma.


Once fully grown, this remarkable plant produces circular warty fruits during the warm autumn months, adding another layer of interest to its overall allure. To ensure optimal growth, the Datura Metel Belladonna Purple thrives in sheltered positions with ample heat, making it an excellent choice for sunny spots. Furthermore, it is highly drought-tolerant, requiring minimal watering and maintenance. Please note Datura is very toxic and should not be grown around animals or children.

Datura metel 'Ballerina Purple'

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