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Introducing the Dipsacus Fullonum Teasel, supplied as 6 plug plants. This biennial plant boasts a max height of up to 3 meters, with erect stems and side branches. 

Delicate blue flowers bloom in a band around the flowerhead, ensuring a prolonged and captivating display. Even during the winter months, this hardy plant stands tall.

The Dipsacus Fullonum Teasel attracts the delightful goldfinches with its seedheads, creating a haven for these charming birds. This plant thrives best in full sun or partial shade, making it versatile when selecting the perfect spot in your garden. With an ultimate height of 1.5 to 2.5 meters and an ultimate spread of 0.5 to 1 meter, this Teasel will make a stunning addition to any floral arrangement or wildflower display.

Dipsacus fullonum

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  • All of our online website plants come with a 30-day guarantee from the date of purchase. If your plant dies within the 30 days we will ask a few questions about what care you have provided for the plant as well as asking for photos of the plant. If there is nothing drastically wrong with what you have done we will get another sent out to you or a credit note!

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