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Geranium Robertianum also known as Herb Robert, belongs to the Geranium family and showcases a unique characteristic that is commonly observed within its genus. As it thrives in dry and exposed locations, such as crevices in walls and stone bridges, its leaves and stems transform into a captivating shade of red during dry weather.

Standing at a height of up to 40cm, Herb Robert produces exquisite pink flowers, occasionally even showcasing delicate white petals. These five-petalled wonders typically measure 1 to 1.5cm in diameter. In Britain and Ireland, you can admire the natural beauty of Herb Robert from April until November. Even in very sheltered areas, this resilient wildflower often continues to bloom throughout the year, unless faced with an exceptionally harsh winter.

Though Herb Robert's flowers are at their peak during July and August, its bright red seed capsules grace the autumn hedgerows with a vibrant burst of color. These capsules provide a delightful contrast when few other wildflowers are in full bloom during this season.

Geranium robertianum

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