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Introducing our Ginkgo Biloba, a perennial plant that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any garden. Dating back 270 million years, this living fossil boasts unique fan-shaped, light-green foliage that transforms into a vibrant, clear yellow in the autumn months. Its mesmerizing leaves are often split into two lobes, resembling the delicate maidenhair ferns that inspired its alternate name, "maidenhair tree."

As it matures, the conical shape of the Ginkgo Biloba gradually expands and spreads, with the bark developing captivating deep fissures. Over a span of 20 years, this tree can reach impressive dimensions of 10 x 4 meters. Surprisingly belonging to the conifer family, the Ginkgo Biloba thrives in sunny positions and exhibits remarkable hardiness, even in exposed inland conditions. This remarkable species is ideal for urban environments, where it can withstand pollution and flourish in limited soil space, effortlessly becoming the centerpiece of attention.

Also known as the Maidenhair tree, Fossil tree, or Gingko, our Ginkgo Biloba is a true marvel of nature. With its striking appearance and fascinating history, it is guaranteed to captivate both avid gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike. Add this rare beauty to your collection and enjoy its timeless allure.

Ginkgo Biloba

  • All of our online website plants come with a 30-day guarantee from the date of purchase. If your plant dies within the 30 days we will ask a few questions about what care you have provided for the plant as well as asking for photos of the plant. If there is nothing drastically wrong with what you have done we will get another sent out to you or a credit note!

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