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Originating from New South Wales in Australia, this shrubby evergreen is a highly sought-after addition to any garden. With its slender, gracefully feathery appearance, the Grevillea Johnsonii boasts exceedingly narrow leaves ranging from 10 to 25cm in length, plant supplied in a 9cm pot

One of the most floriferous of all Grevillea varieties, this majestic plant blooms generously throughout the summer months, adding a vibrant touch to your landscape. Although not fully hardy, it thrives in warm, protected environments and makes an exceptional container plant. Bask it under the full sun during warmer seasons and transfer it to a greenhouse or conservatory to ensure its well-being during winter.


Thriving in well-drained soil conditions, the Grevillea Johnsonii displays moderate growth and exhibits moderate hardiness, making it an optimal choice for Mediterranean climates. When established, it showcases its fairly drought-tolerant nature, requiring minimal watering and occasional feeding throughout the growing season.

Grevillea johnsonii

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