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Introducing the Grevillea Rosmarinifolia Jenkinsii, a captivating shrub that originates from Australia. As a member of the Proteaceae family, this evergreen plant boasts an exceptionally long blooming period during spring and summer. Its robustness against drought makes it the perfect fit for coastal climates.


This versatile shrub thrives in various settings, including rockeries, embankments, shrub beds, and mixed hedges in coastal regions. Adorned with linear-shaped medium green foliage, the Grevillea Rosmarinifolia Jenkinsii stands out with its claw-shaped pink flowers, enhancing any landscape with a touch of natural elegance.


Reaching a height of 2 meters by 2 meters (6 feet by 6 feet), this plant exhibits a trained and flared habit, cultivating an appealing aesthetic. With a medium to fast growth rate, you'll witness the plant flourish and transform your outdoor space. From February to September, the Grevillea Rosmarinifolia Jenkinsii showcases its remarkable flowering potential, creating a breathtaking visual display.


To ensure its optimum development, this shrub requires well-drained, acidic to neutral soil. It thrives when exposed to ample sunlight, while also tolerating partial shade. With a hardiness of up to -10 °C (14 °F - USDA zone 8a), this plant proves resilient in various climates.

Our Grevillea Rosmarinifolia Jenkinsii comes as a 9cm potted plant, ready to be added to your outdoor landscape. As a quality unbranded product, it boasts the ability to enrich any garden, patio, or backyard.

Grevillea rosmarinifolia 'Jenkinsii'

  • All of our online website plants come with a 30-day guarantee from the date of purchase. If your plant dies within the 30 days we will ask a few questions about what care you have provided for the plant as well as asking for photos of the plant. If there is nothing drastically wrong with what you have done we will get another sent out to you or a credit note!

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