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Introducing the Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora Bronze Sculpture, a captivating addition to your plant collection. This 9cm potted succulent boasts exquisite matt green leaves that gracefully transition into a mesmerizing burgundy hue along the edges. Its stunning appearance is sure to elevate any space it inhabits.

Thriving in various conditions, this plant thrives under full sun or partial shade, preferring moist soil or compost. Perfect for gravel gardens, paved areas, rockeries, and small containers, it seamlessly blends with other succulents and alpines, allowing you to create captivating arrangements.

With its clump-forming habit, this tender specimen reaches a height and spread of 15 x 15 cm, providing a compact and striking presence. While it does not produce flowers, the vibrant green and red foliage remains its standout feature throughout the seasons of spring, summer, and autumn.

For optimal growth, we recommend planting the Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora Bronze Sculpture in containers or rockeries, ensuring it receives ample sunlight or partial shade. During winter, it is crucial to safeguard this plant from frost by locating it in a frost-free area.

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Bronze Sculpture

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