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Introducing Lamium galeobdolon Hermann's Pride, a magnificent perennial that will elevate the charm of any garden. This clump-forming beauty boasts slender-pointed leaves adorned with stunning silver-green markings, intricately nestled between vibrant green veins. As the seasons transition from late spring to early summer, you'll be treated to the emergence of delightful whorls of butter-yellow flowers that gracefully arise from the leaf axils. With its well-behaved nature, this Hermann's Pride variety of yellow archangel makes a wonderful addition to any garden, fearlessly filling the shaded areas where little else thrives. Not only does this Lamium galeobdolon Hermann's Pride flourish with striking blooms, it also captivates with its foliage, ensuring year-round visual interest. In warmer winter areas, the semi-evergreen leaves maintain their alluring presence. Once established, this plant showcases its drought tolerance, providing peace of mind during dry spells. This Lamium galeobdolon Hermann's Pride is not limited to ground planting alone; it also thrives in baskets and window boxes, imparting its natural allure wherever it finds a home. Reach new heights of garden aesthetics with a height of 15-30cm over the course of 2-5 years, while enjoying broad coverage as it spreads between 30-60cm. For optimal growth, we recommend cutting back the foliage at the end of the season to encourage vibrant regrowth.

Lamium galeobdolon Hermann's Pride

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