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Introducing the Lantana Calippo Orange Magenta Plant, a stunning perennial variety that brings a touch of the Mediterranean to any garden supplied as a plug plant.

Incredibly vibrant, the flower colors of magenta, peach, and yellow are intensified in comparison to their warmer climate counterparts. This plant is a true showstopper, offering a striking burst of colors that will captivate any observer.

Ideal for sunny spots with well-draining soil or compost, the Lantana Calippo Orange Magenta Plug Plant is versatile and can be situated in various settings. Whether placed in pots, containers, or incorporated into a mid-summer border, its presence will add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any space.

This magnificent variety has earned the Proven Winner® Variety accreditation, signifying its outstanding quality and performance in gardens worldwide. Its bushy habit gives it a substantial presence, while its compact size of approximately 30 cm in height and spread makes it a versatile addition to any garden design.

Creating a haven for wildlife, the Lantana Calippo Orange Magenta Plug Plant attracts various creatures, adding an enchanting touch to your outdoor space. With its delightful orange and pink flowers and vibrant green foliage, this perennial beauty blooms from June to September, delighting the senses and injecting a much-needed splash of color into your summer landscape.

Ideally suited for planting in beds, borders, and containers, this plant thrives in full sun exposure. However, it is important to note that it requires protection from frost during winter months and should be kept in a frost-free area to ensure its survival.

Please exercise caution with this plant, as its berries can be toxic if consumed.

Lantana Calippo Orange Magenta

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