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Introducing our vibrant Lychnis flos cuculi, commonly known as Ragged Robin. This stunning wildflower is native to Europe, the Caucasus, and Siberia, where it thrives in damp environments. With its upright or spreading habit, this perennial boasts lance-shaped leaves at the base, transitioning to rounded leaves as it ascends the stem. Supplied as 6 plug plants

During the summer months, you'll witness the beauty of loose, flat flower heads adorned with star-shaped petals. These petals, are deeply cut and range in exquisite shades from purple-pink to pristine white.

Lychnis flos cuculi is an understated yet robust perennial, making it an ideal choice for adding a touch of allure to damp borders, pond edges, and wildlife-friendly gardens. For optimum growth, we recommend planting it in boggy soil under full sun or partial shade.

Lychnis flos cuculi

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