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Introducing our Miscanthus giganteus, supplied in a 9cm pot! This hardy perennial plant forms an impressive screening barrier, similar to Bamboo in appearance. Unlike rigid physical barriers, our Miscanthus giganteus boasts flexibility in growth, filtering and breaking up the wind for a more pleasant outdoor experience.

Within just 15 months, this beauty can reach a height of 15 feet (4.5 meters), creating a lush and dense screen for privacy and wind protection. Its rich green foliage in the summer is adorned with stunning arching sprays of silky russet pink flowers, resembling a fine pampas grass without the worries of self-seeding or invasiveness. As winter arrives, the foliage transitions into a gorgeous russet gold color, maintaining a striking appearance year-round.

Plant the Miscanthus giganteus 2 feet (60 cm) apart, allowing it to flourish in various soil types (including chalky and clay) except for excessively wet conditions. While it prefers moist conditions, it still performs admirably in coastal areas and windy positions. This versatile plant thrives under most light conditions, from full sun to partial shade, although dense shade may inhibit its growth.

Our cultural guidance ensures successful planting and maintenance. Simply plant the potted Miscanthus giganteus upon receipt, ensuring the ground is free from weeds and debris. Handle it with care to avoid any cuts from its foliage, gripping it by the lower stem and root section. There's no need to incorporate bonemeal, fertilizer, or stimulants during planting. Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during hot, dry periods in spring and summer.

For those aiming for an extra dense screen, consider planting the Miscanthus giganteus in a double row, staggering the plants at approximately 2 foot 6" (75 cm) intervals. This method will create a barrier of about 5-6 feet (1.5-1.8 meters) wide. In terms of maintenance, no pruning or trimming is required once the plant is well established. You may choose to thin out old thin canes, which can be repurposed in your garden, always be sure to use gloves for your own protection.

Miscanthus giganteus

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