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The Musa Basjoo, also known as the Hardy Banana is a easy-to-grow plant that thrives in full to half sun and requires well-draining soil. With its remarkable ability to withstand temperatures as low as -12C, this plant's roots are hardy, but the stem may require some protection from harsh frosts to maintain its height.


Water is the key to its happiness - be sure to provide ample water by watering once every other day during the summer months. Additionally, feeding the Musa Basjoo every other week will keep it thriving. While it can be grown as a house plant in warmer weather.

The Musa Basjoo is adaptable to a variety of soils, including acidic, chalky, alkaline, clay, heavy, moist, well-drained, light, and sandy. Although commonly known as the Japanese banana or hardy banana, it is believed to originate from the Sichuan province of China.


In the UK, with the arrival of warmer temperatures in spring, the Musa Basjoo flourishes with large and exotic leaves. Regular watering and feeding are essential for sustaining this growth. For a stunning sub-tropical border, consider pairing it with hedychiums, hardy scheffleras, and other hardy exotics with it. While the Musa Basjoo does occasionally bear bananas, they are not edible.


To achieve the best results, plant the Musa Basjoo in a location that receives full sun or partial shade. Use moist and well-drained soil enriched with organic matter to boost fertility. Alternatively, you can grow this plant in a pot as a house plant or on the patio. Do note that if grown in a pot, it may not reach the same height as when grown in the ground unless a spacious container is used.


While the Musa Basjoo is reputedly hardy down to -15ºC, it might require some winter protection. Applying a thick layer of protective mulch over the roots and wrapping the pseudostem with horticultural fleece can provide the necessary insulation. In milder locations or sheltered microclimates, winter protection may not be necessary.


Worth noting is that the Musa Basjoo holds the Royal Horticultural Society's prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM), a testament to its exceptional qualities.

Musa basjoo

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