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This magnificent deciduous tree features striking ovate or shallowly-lobed leaves, reaching up to an impressive length of 25cm. Adorned with fragrant, light lilac-purple flowers arranged in grand panicles, this Paulownia species stands out effortlessly.

With an ultimate height ranging between 8 to 12 meters, this tree gradually matures within a timeframe of 20 to 50 years. Exhibiting a wide spread of over 8 meters, it thrives best when placed in an area that receives full sun exposure. Whether your garden faces the west, east, or south, this versatile Empress Tree adapts seamlessly.

Easily withstands varying weather conditions, including frost, Paulownia tomentosa flourishes in moist, humus-rich, and fertile soils. Additionally, its robust nature grants it the capacity to tolerate atmospheric pollution. To safeguard young trees from frost, consider protective measures such as pollarding.

Hardy in most regions across the UK, even during severe winters with temperatures ranging from -15 to -10 degrees Celsius.

Paulownia tomentosa

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