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Penstemon Flamingo is a dazzling perennial that will grace your garden with its striking coral pink and white foxglove-like blooms. With a flowering season that spans from May to October, this vibrant plant will add a burst of color and beauty to your outdoor space throughout the year. Supplied as 6 plug plants.

Also known as 'Beard-tongues', Penstemon plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also highly versatile and valued by gardeners. They attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, making them a valuable addition to any pollinator-friendly garden. Additionally, once established, they are drought-tolerant, making them an excellent choice for gardens that experience dry spells.

Growing Penstemon Flamingo is a breeze. It thrives in moist, moderately fertile, well-drained soil, and can be planted in sunny or partially shaded areas. Whether your garden faces any aspect, this resilient plant will flourish. To ensure continuous flowering, it is recommended to deadhead spent blooms regularly. In spring, prune back the previous year's foliage to around 15cm above ground level, stimulating fresh growth from the base.

Multiplying your Penstemon Flamingo collection is easily achieved through division in spring or softwood cuttings in summer. With proper care, this perennial will form a spectacular display in your garden year after year.

Penstemon Flamingo


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