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Introducing the Penstemon Purple Passion, a delightful perennial that will bring charm and vibrancy to your garden. This long blooming beauty requires minimal maintenance, making it a favorite among gardening enthusiasts. From rock gardens to borders and containers, the Penstemon Purple Passion adds a pop of color with its waist-high, colorful presence.


These enchanting plants are not just popular among us; they attract various pollinators with their long tubular blooms. The strong stems of the Penstemon Purple Passion make it the perfect choice for cut flowers, effortlessly brightening up any vase or floral arrangement. With its rich purple petals and contrasting white throat, this magical and vibrant bloom will truly mesmerize any space.


Position-wise, this perennial thrives in sunny to partially shaded areas and adapts well to all types of soils. In terms of height and spread, the Penstemon Purple Passion can reach up to 80cm in height, with a spread of 50cm. Rest assured, this plant is hardy in the UK, making it a reliable addition to your garden.

Penstemon Purple Passion


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