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Enhance the charm of your garden with the Rodgersia pinnata Chocolate Wings. This hardy perennial is a true delight, featuring a captivating array of green and pink foliage that is sure to captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. With its dappled shade or full shade loving nature, this woodland plant is perfect for adding interest to any garden or outdoor space.

Boasting a clump forming habit, this deciduous beauty stands at a height of 60 - 90 cm (2 - 3 ft) with a matching spread, making it an ideal choice for filling out empty spaces or adding gentle structure to your floral arrangements. 

The Rodgersia pinnata Chocolate Wings is a fully hardy and resilient plant that thrives in various soil types, making it a versatile addition to your garden. Experience the joy of watching it bloom from June to August, as the flowers add a touch of elegance to your outdoor sanctuary.

This herbaceous perennial requires patience, taking 2 to 5 years to reach its full growth potential, but the wait is certainly worthwhile. Create stunning combinations by planting it alongside Iris, Primula, and Astilbe, and let your garden transform into a harmonious oasis.

Rodgersia pinnata ‘Chocolate Wings’

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