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Revel in its beauty as it flourishes under a bountiful display of full to half sun. With a preference for well-draining soil, this hardy plant can withstand temperatures as low as 0°C, ensuring its longevity. 


The Salvia Amethyst Lips is a subshrub that reaches a height of up to 1m, boasting semi-evergreen, aromatic, ovate, mid-green leaves. From early summer to autumn, marvel at the whorled spikes of flowers gracefully adorning your garden. These enchanting blooms come in a captivating mix of white and varying amounts of red, with the occasional presence of all-red or all-white clusters.


Given the right conditions, this Salvia thrives in loam, sand, or clay soil, making it adaptable to different growing environments. For optimal growth, provide a moist but well-drained substrate. Additionally, the Salvia Amethyst Lips can withstand varied pH levels, thriving in both acidic, alkaline, and neutral environments.

Salvia 'Hot Lips'

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