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To ensure optimal growth, plant these Salvia Love and Wishes in humus-rich, well-drained soil. With an average rate of growth, these plants will reward you with an abundance of magenta flowers from July to October. Their frost hardiness may require winter protection, ensuring their longevity and continued splendor.


Part of the renowned 'Wish' series, this particular salvia variety boasts stunning magenta flowers, delicately held by a dark burgundy calyx. By consistently deadheading the plant, you can extend the flowering period, experiencing its captivating colors from June to November. Not only do these plants possess remarkable visual appeal, but their neat and tidy habit makes them suitable for borders and pots alike. They can even adapt to drought conditions once established.


For optimal results, remove fading flower spikes to encourage prolonged flowering. In the spring, generously apply a 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted garden compost or manure around the base of the plant.

Salvia 'Love and wishes'

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