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Vinca Major Variegata, commonly known as Periwinkle, is an exquisite addition to any garden. With its large, blue-violet or dark violet flowers that bloom from April to September, this fast-growing perennial creates a stunning display. The arching shoots bear these charming flowers, while the dark green leaves boast elegant creamy-white margins.

Thriving in both full sun and partial shade, Vinca Major Variegata is a versatile plant that can adapt to any environment. It has a robust nature and can thrive in various soil types, except for very dry soil conditions. Its fully hardy nature ensures its endurance through different weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for your garden.

Vinca Major Variegata acts as an attractive groundcover, making it ideal for large expanses of ground that need some visual enhancement. You can also rely on its independence as a low-maintenance option for hard-to-mow sloping banks. Enjoy the ease of this evergreen shrub's growth, knowing that it requires minimal care to flourish. To avoid the plant becoming invasive, it is recommended to trim back any unwanted shoots during spring. T

Vinca Major Variegata

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