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Originating from Ethiopia, this shrubby Acanthus showcases striking red flowers, complemented by spiny pale green leaves adorned with delicate white patterning. To ensure its survival during winter, it requires a well-sheltered and adequately drained location. Alternatively, it can be grown in a pot. When planted outside, expect its blooming season to commence in late autumn. However, if nurtured in a protected environment, it will grace your garden with its vibrant hues as early as mid-autumn. To encourage vigorous regrowth, it is advisable to trim back the previous year's growth after frost has subsided.  


This Acanthus thrives when exposed to full sun, enhancing its overall attractiveness. Its flower coloration ranges from captivating orange to intense red, creating a visually appealing spectacle. The blooming period spans from July to September, effectively extending the duration of its beauty. Notably, this Acanthus is not evergreen, providing an opportunity to showcase companion plants such as Oenothera, Salvia, or Thymus. Its clump-forming growth habit adds structure and character to your garden, making it an ideal choice for landscaping projects. Its height will reach approximately 1 meter, while the plant will encompass an area of around 60 centimeters. To ensure optimal growth, provide it with a light and well-drained soil composition.

Acanthus sennii

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