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Enhance the allure of your garden with the remarkable Crotalaria Agatiflora Canary Bird Bush Plug Plant. This high-quality plug plant is a delightful addition that effortlessly captivates your senses. Each purchase includes one exquisite plug plant carefully nurtured to flourish in half to full sunlight. Planted in well-draining soil, this hardy plant thrives in a variety of conditions.

The Canary Bird Bush Plug Plant demands your attention with its clusters of vibrant yellow flowers, reminiscent of the lively plumage of canary birds. Its charming blossoms are a delightful sight to behold and are sure to become a focal point of any garden.

For optimal growth and vibrancy, we recommend feeding the Crotalaria Agatiflora Canary Bird Bush Plug Plant with a nutrient-rich solution once a month. This extra care will ensure that it continues to thrive, adding an extra touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

It is essential to protect this stunning plant from any frost, as it thrives in temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius. By safeguarding it from colder temperatures.

Crotalaria agatiflora

  • All of our online website plants come with a 30-day guarantee from the date of purchase. If your plant dies within the 30 days we will ask a few questions about what care you have provided for the plant as well as asking for photos of the plant. If there is nothing drastically wrong with what you have done we will get another sent out to you or a credit note!

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