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Brimming with vibrancy, the Begonia Orange thrives best when exposed to full to half sun, making it an ideal candidate for your lovely patio. Its magnificent blooms will captivate your senses, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting. 

Not only does this beauty possess an exceptional aesthetic appeal, but it also showcases its resilience. Hardy down to 7°C, this perennial plant will stand tall in various weather conditions.

Achieving an impressive height of up to 45cm (18in) with an equal spreading capacity, the Begonia Orange provides a full-bodied bloom that will surely leave an enduring impression.

Begonia boliviensis Orange

  • All of our online website plants come with a 30-day guarantee from the date of purchase. If your plant dies within the 30 days we will ask a few questions about what care you have provided for the plant as well as asking for photos of the plant. If there is nothing drastically wrong with what you have done we will get another sent out to you or a credit note!

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