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Native to tropical regions, this Colocasia variety, also known as Elephant Ears, boasts large, heart-shaped leaves in a captivating jet black color. Its dramatic foliage offers a unique and enchanting aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for enhancing shaded areas or complementing water features in your outdoor space.

For optimal growth, this plant thrives in well-drained soil and enjoys full to half sun exposure. With its resilient nature, it can withstand a variety of conditions, although it is considered frost-tender.

Standing upright and reaching a height of 60 cm with a spread of 50 cm, this Taro plant is versatile in its use. Whether you prefer to showcase it in containers, borders, or raised beds, its striking black foliage will surely make a statement throughout the summer season.

Please note that during winter, this plant will die back needing a frost-free environment. Another option is to dig up the tubers before the first frosts, store them in a cool and frost-free area, and replant them in pots the following spring.

Colocasia esculenta 'Black Coral'

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