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Introducing the Colocasia Blue Hawaii Taro Plant, a striking addition to your collection of foliage plants. Loves full to half sun exposure and well-draining soil, this tender species thrives under specific conditions. 


The standout feature of the Colocasia Blue Hawaii lies in its large, impressive foliage. Its leaves showcase intricate blue-grey veining that emanates from the leaf's center, giving it a distinctive appearance. 


Recommended for full sun exposure and well-drained soil, the Colocasia Blue Hawaii excels in containers or summer borders, bringing an enchanting presence to your outdoor space. However, ensure that it is protected from cold weather.


Though tender in nature, this upright species demonstrates resilience and is known to grow up to 60 cm in height and spread up to 50 cm, creating a captivating visual display. During the summer season, its foliage exhibits a fascinating blend of green, yellow, and blue colors, adding vibrancy and charm to any environment.


In terms of planting recommendations, the Colocasia Blue Hawaii thrives when placed in beds, borders, or raised beds with a good qualtity compost. It can also be cultivated in containers, providing flexibility in garden design. This plant prefers full sun or partial sun exposure, but remember, it is sensitive to frost. During the winter months, it tends to die back, only to potentially revive in the following spring if safeguarded from freezing temperatures. Alternatively, you can dig up the tubers before the arrival of the first frost, storing them in a cool, frost-free area, and replant them in a pot the subsequent spring.

Colocasia esculenta 'Blue Hawaii'

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