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Admire its vibrant orange-red tubular flowers, charmingly resembling little lit cigars with ashen ends.

While this perennial beauty adds a touch of magnificence to any garden, it is important to note that it is frost tender. For year-round enjoyment, you can either grow it as an annual in your garden, where it will dazzle with continuous flowering until the first frosts arrive, or lift it from the garden to cultivate it as a delightful houseplant throughout winter, where it continues to bloom, bringing pleasure indoors.

In favorable conditions, this Cuphea ignea can easily reach up to 3 feet (90 cm) height within a couple of months when planted in a garden border. When grown in containers or pots, it can be pruned and maintained at a more compact size, around 8 inches (20 cm) tall or even taller.

Thriving in full sun, Cuphea ignea prefers a well-drained soil and once established, it exhibits excellent tolerance to drought conditions.

While perennial in habit, it is important to provide essential winter frost protection to ensure the longevity of this splendid plant. For optimal growth, space each plant approximately 24 inches (60 cm) apart.

Cuphea ignea

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