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Introducing the Lobelia speciosa Queen Victoria! This exceptional perennial showcases stunning scarlet spikes of five-petalled flowers that elegantly emerge amidst the enchanting beetroot-colored foliage during late summer. With its vibrant hues, this cardinal flower brings a mesmerizing burst of color to your garden, adding a touch of brilliance when other perennials start to fade.


Delighting in full sun to partial shade, this frost-hardy Lobelia can adapt to a range of growing conditions. It thrives best in deep, fertile, and moist soil, while also showcasing its remarkable splendor in water depths of up to 15cm. An ideal choice for filling gaps left by early-flowering perennials in mixed or herbaceous borders, this plant beautifully complements a planting scheme built on 'hot' colors.

To ensure its lasting beauty, remember to divide large clumps of the Lobelia speciosa Queen Victoria every other year in spring. During winter, safeguard the crown of the plant by applying a thick layer of dry mulch, such as straw. This moisture-loving gem can also be gracefully grown at the edges of a pond, allowing it to tolerate water levels up to 15cm deep when potted in a basket with aquatic compost.

Lobelia speciosa Queen Victoria

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